Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cosmetic Advent Calendar - Dec 6th PLUS meet my cats!!!

A couple of weeks ago, my mum bought me a gift to congratulate me on getting my new job! It was this Cosmetic Advent Calendar...

It's December 6th, which means I can open the sixth window in the calendar... 
What do I get? Keep watching! :) 

Yesterday's Advent Calendar video can be found:

Toby Turner's YouTube channels: OR OR

So now you've met Googly & Bella... how did they get their names? 

Googly -- when she first opened her eyes, all we could see among all the fur were these two huge eyes, which looked like those plastic eyes that you can shake and they rattle...well, our name for those kind of eyes were 'googley eyes' Googly became her name! 

Bella -- no, she was NOT named after a character from a certain franchise of vampire books/movies. Bella means beautiful in Italian... my dad took one look at her in the pet store and said "è così Bella" meaning "she's so beautiful"! So, her name became Bella! 

Disclaimer: The Cosmetic Advent Calendar was a gift from my mum! I earned no monetary compensation from the companies. All opinions are my own.

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